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Amazon Reimbursements Simplified.
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Reclaim what's rightfully yours with our unparalleled Amazon reimbursement service. Don't miss out – sign up now for a FREE AUDIT and seize control of your finances today!

What types of reimbursement cases does Clear Ads manage?

Clear Ads offers a transparent and reliable reimbursement service. Here’s an overview of what we manage to ensure you get what you deserve:

Destroyed Inventory:

Damaged Inventory:

Misplaced & Lost Inventory:

Customer Returns:

FBA Fees & Discrepancies:

Customer Returns:

At Clear Ads, we handle your FBA reimbursement cases swiftly and effectively, ensuring you receive the highest returns possible.
Clear Ads will charge a 12% fee for existing and new clients on all reimbursements

How Clear Ads Reimbursement Service Works:

Sign Up for Free Audit

Begin with a complimentary audit, and we’ll provide a report on potential refunds at no obligation.

We review your inventory

Clear Ads reviews eligible products, orders, returns, and shipments for reimbursement.

We submit your cases

Clear Ads compiles a report to track the recovered amount for each case.

You Get Paid

It’s straightforward. Your Amazon refund will be deposited directly into your FBA accounts.
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