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European Seller Conference – Prague


It’s already been a busy year of travel for our Amazon ad experts here at Clear Ads. Now, while you might think that means lots of nice holidays and lazy days by the pool, it’s all been in the name of research, honest!

One of the great things about working in the Amazon ad industry is that it’s developing at lightning pace. To keep track with that development, a number of dedicated conferences, expos and events have sprung up all around the world, bringing together Amazon Sellers and ad experts in one space to learn, network and grow.

Attending the European Seller Conference in Prague was a big eye-opener to the opportunities sellers in these markets have.

We were privileged to connect with sellers all across Europe at the Seller Conference and most have seen fast growth on Amazon EU over the last few years. We spoke with companies and suppliers from across the industry, with products and services spanning everything from marketing to AI as well as product development and of course, Amazon ad management.

One of our key takeaway points from this event was the sheer breadth of opportunities that lie ahead for sellers in the EU. While many in the digital marketing and eCommerce space tend to think of the US as the biggest market, we’re actually doing a disservice to those closer to home and that was one thing that really hit home after our time in the Czech Republic.

There are more than 700 million people in Europe compared to just over 500 million in the US so collectively, the EU is a much larger market with greater potential for sellers. What also struck us though was that currently, there are 5 times fewer sellers in the EU market than the US which means that there is a massive opportunity for sellers which many are unaware of or yet to take advantage of. For us as an agency, that was a really interesting discovery because it shows just how much-untapped potential there is – and it’s certainly spurred us on to help more EU businesses harness this amazing platform to grow their businesses and sales!

Event Itinerary

We touched down in the beautiful city of Prague ready to dive right into two full days of Amazon developments and news. With sessions on everything from SEO and PPC to social media marketing and Amazon FBA Compliance, we weren’t disappointed.

The speaker panel was incredible this year, with experts from eight different countries sharing their knowledge and experience with delegates. Kevin King, from the USA is one of the most in-demand speakers at these types of events – his session on how to get a competitive advantage was super interesting.

Likewise, we really enjoyed hearing Chris Rawlings talking about his current Amazon product launch strategy and Alex Wyatt, who talked about VAT Compliance and its importance to online success. Other topics covered included how to revive a product fail, how to create a strong brand identity and selling into international markets for the first time. Fascinating! We left feeling truly inspired and eager to put some of what we had learned throughout the event into practice. See you next year, Prague!

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