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Are you claiming your money back?

Amazon owes 99% of sellers reimbursements for various things such as losing or damaging products and at times fails to take responsibility. If you aren’t monitoring carefully then you are likely to be missing out on hundreds in reimbursements.

Businesses may choose to claim refunds for themselves. Filing their own claims themselves and utilising the look-back window or alternatively, they may decide to use a reimbursement company to catch what they missed. Filing your own claims uses up valuable time and money, so it is important to understand your business targets. Plus, human error and a lack of knowledge of the reimbursement process make it easy to miss potential refunds.

It can be difficult to differentiate between the various reimbursement companies. At Clear Ads, we have put together our Top 5 Companies of the year to potentially make picking a little easier.

Top 5 Reimbursement companies

1. Seller Investigators

Seller investigators are at the top of our list for reimbursements. Numerous sellers have chosen them over their competitors for their lower prices and promotional offers and we only hear great things about the customer experience.

They offer a no-fee and no-obligation audit within 48 hours! So you can get an indication of their efficiency and what you could be owed.

There is minimal risk when you’re using Seller Investigators. They do not charge until your claims are proven successful. There are compensation fees, but these are made null and void. Considering the money made would be lost without using them. The 25% commission charge is applied to successful claims. It may sound like a lot, but the fees are worth it for what they offer. More businesses are switching to them for their promotional offers to reduce prices, which are useful if fees are a problem.

Sellers are given case managers who handle the entire claiming process. They deal with the entire claim from audit to reconciliation to filing to tracking cases the work is taken from you. Your case manager is proud to give transparent feedback on your claims, leading to a greater. It means you can let them do the work while you focus on your business.

Seller Investigators have developed a proprietary refund search engine, which will monitor each claim and find every penny you are owed. This produces a passive income for your business with very little work.

2. Seller Bench

Seller Bench comes second on the list. Similar to other reimbursement companies, they recover money owed by Amazon. But, they claim to recover more money than any other company. They stand out for their focus on efficiency and transparency.

Like Seller investigators, case managers will monitor your account for incorrect fees and proactively reach out to Amazon as they happen. The research is software assisted but analyzed by your case manager, who will open and monitor the claims on your behalf. So you can sit back, relax and watch the money come.

Seller Bench is developing a self-service software through their toolkit chrome extension. The extension would be handy for smaller businesses or to keep things in-house, but it is not available.

An FBA fee protector is available as an add-on service to manage storage fees. In the case, that Amazon has measured your item wrong and charged you more in storage costs. The service removes the tedious parts of Amazon’s FBA business, but it is an extra cost.

3. Refunds Manager

Refunds manager is a highly trusted reimbursement company with many stand-out reviews on trust pilot. They stand out for the variety of issues they can resolve and their status with Amazon.

Refunds Manager is similar to other companies with a 25% commission rate, meaning the company gets paid when you do. They also use individual account auditors to assess your reimbursements.

Refunds Manager resolves the largest range of FBA issues, from destroyed items to commission fees, customer replacements, and more. Resolving a range of reimbursement issues gives more sources of reimbursement income, having a greater success rate at finding claims.

With over a decade’s worth of experience, the company is proud of its ‘Approved by Amazon’ status. They have been independently reviewed and approved by Amazon and appear on their app store. Being approved to this extent is reassuring. However, it is not necessarily unique since other companies like SellerBench are also approved by Amazon.

4. Getida

Getida is a known company in the Amazon reimbursement realm. But, with claims of poor communication and higher fees, it is not as highly regarded as it once was. FBA sellers are switching to their competitors for better rates, but it is still a valuable competitor and deserves a spot in the top 5.

The fees for this company are not unlike the others. There is no monthly fee associated with using the service, but there is a 25% commission fee on successful claims. Because this is not an uncommon price, it does not seem too much.

A team of specialists personally cares for each account and follows up on FBA reimbursement claims. They can find refunds in places you didn’t know were possible. This can be preferred over companies with individual case managers, but that is very much a personal preference.

Getida values transparency and customer service. Putting money where their mouth is, they follow up on claims that need more information for reimbursements using real people. Plus, a dashboard is updated daily so you can see what is happening with your claims day-to-day.

To combat the prices associated with Getida, it is often used as a backup a couple of times a year to catch anything they have missed. This can reduce the frequency of the fees.


5. Seller Locker

Seller Locker is an automated reimbursement software, Seller Locker finds itself at the bottom of the list because it is very much self-service. If this is something you prefer then it is perfect but the majority of sellers may prefer to focus on other areas of the business.

It is advertised as a software solution rather than a service. Using AI rather than a human interface you remove the feedback element of making claims. Without the chrome extension FBA sellers will also be required to file their own cases. This format would be handy for people who want to feel more in control as it removes human error from the process. The system will break down each step and ‘take the mystery out of reimbursements’.

Seller Locker, however, is one of the few companies that offer a pick-and-pack fee manager. This is to prevent overcharging of FBA fees.

Honourable Mentions

If you have made it this far, well done. Here are a few options that didn’t make it.


It is not uncommon for sellers to file their reimbursements themselves. If you have the time and the knowledge and want to save yourself a bit of money then why not! You could always use a company a couple of times a year to catch what you have missed by using the 18-month look-back window.


Virtual assistance is becoming more popular. Utilizing your VAs in this way can prove to be very helpful. Using VAs will save on the cost of using a third-party company. It keeps the claims in-house without using up valuable time in your day.


Eva is another company that offers reimbursements at a much lower rate than other platforms (13% commission rate). The catch is that you need to be a part of their wider services, or the rate jumps to 16%. Eva can be used in conjunction with other companies to ensure the most number of cases is discovered.

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