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Pricing for our management service

Get The Most Out Of Your Amazon Advertising

We try to be as fair, clear and open as possible about our approach to pricing. Our management fee ensures that we provide a tailored approach to every account that we manage. We leverage the best PPC tools in the market based on the features available and benefit of using them, examples of tools that we use include: Pacvue and Scale Insights. These are used in conjunction with our experienced account managers to provide the best service possible to our clients.

Amazon PPC

Starting Price
$ 2,500

Monthly or 7% of Ad Spend
  • A completely managed service from a globally recognized Amazon agency
  • Hands-on approach with a dedicated account manager and comms team
  • Industry-Leading Tools & Setup Included
  • Monthly & Quarterly Reporting

Amazon DSP Full

Starting Price
$ 2,500

Monthly and 10% of Ad Spend
  • Fully Managed Monthly Amazon Ad Spend
  • Up to 200 ASINS Managed
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Access and use of Amazon's exclusive 1st party buying data
  • Monthly & Quarterly Reporting

DSP Lite

Starting Price
$ 850

Monthly and 8% of Ad Spend
  • Precision Retargeting: Re-engage past buyers
  • Cutting-Edge Targeting: Leverage advanced contextual targeting
  • Expand Your Reach: Reach audiences both on and off Amazon’s platform.
  • Target up to 5 ASINs

Amazon Full Service Management


A La Carte Pricing

Listing SEO & Image Stack
(Title, Bullets, Description & Backend Details)

$1,500.00 / Listing

A+ Content
(5 Modules)

$650.00 / Listing

Video Creative
(up to 45 second video)

$1,500.00 / Video

(3 Pages)

($750 per extra page)
Brand Story


Amazon Posts Package
(30 Posts)

$1,500.00 / 30 (Monthly Plan. 3 month min $1,000.00 / mnth)

Ad Creative
(Banners, Storefront call outs, & social Posts)

$350.00+ (includes 2 of each)

Launch Service

Starting at $3500.00 / product/ month

How much do you charge for Amazon PPC management?

Our pricing for Amazon PPC management is 7% of ad spend or a minimum of $2,500 per month. What we charge depends on the following factors:

  • Managed Total Monthly Amazon Ad Spend 
  • Number of ASINs required to advertise
  • What PPC tool we link to an account
  • Marketplaces
  • Reporting/Communication required 

Our pricing is tailored to your specific needs, and the price model above has been provided to give you an idea of what we would look to charge.

Client Breakdown and Ad Spend Management Fees Structure

To give you an idea of the sizes of accounts we currently manage and what we charge them: 

  • 3% of brands we work with generate $100MM + a year revenue and we charge 7% of Ad Spend. 
  • 73% of our clients are $10-$99MM a year and we have them on 7% of Ad spend as a management fee. 
  • 24% range from $1MM-$9.99 MM a year and those nearer $1MM a year have a minimum fixed rate of $2,500.
  • 88% of our clients are US based, 9% UK and 3% German. 

How much do you charge for Amazon DSP management?

Pricing for Amazon DSP Management starts at $2,500 a month + 10% of Ad spend. Pricing is adjusted depending on the following factors:

  • The number of ASINs you would like to advertise through Amazon DSP. 
  • Whether you want to target just the bottom or also the middle and top of the funnel. 
  • How many marketplaces would you like to run Amazon DSP. 

Who is eligible for Amazon DSP?

In order to be eligible for Amazon DSP, we look for the following:

  • Brands who generate more than $2.5MM a year through one marketplace. This could be brought down to $1.5MM a year if the brand is in consumables. 
  • Have at least 3 products that are retail ready. So they need to have more than 200 reviews with a rating no lower than 4.5.
  • Have at least 5,000 organic and paid clicks to at least 5 products each month.
  • Higher than industry average conversion rate. 

What do you get from us?

These are some of the main reasons why our clients choose to work with us: 

Profit & Growth Driven Agency

Take a look for yourself at the results we have got for our clients by reviewing our TrustPilot reviews and reading through our Case Studies. Our focus is to take a macro approach with any account we manage to ensure our strategy is in line with the company-wide goals that have been set.

Taking Complete Control

We aim to manage your account so well, that you no longer have to think about that part of your business. Clear Ads should become an arm of your brand that is in sync with your business.  Freeing up your team’s time so that they can focus on other areas of your business.

7+ years of Managing Brands on Amazon

Clear Ads started providing PPC management services in 2016 making us one of the only PPC agencies at the time. This has allowed us to see Amazon advertising evolve and makes us one of the most experienced account management companies out there. 

Amazon Advance Partner

Our long-standing partnership with Amazon has allowed us to differentiate us from other agencies. Achieving the Amazon Advance Partner status shows we are a trusted provider of Amazon advertising services and have substantial advertising spend flowing through our account.

Reporting & Communication

Our reporting is tailored to each account managed by Clear Ads to ensure they see the KPI data they want to see as often as they want to see them. Coupled with regular communications by calls, emails, and Slack, we strive to be in line with what the client wants even when the focus changes.

Evolving Strategies Custom to Your Brand

A real effort is put into attending as many events as possible each year as well as connecting with high-level sellers and other PPC agencies to keep up to date with what’s new with the ever-evolving space. Some of the events we attended this year include: 

Why do you charge more than other Amazon agencies?

It all comes down to the people and how much time/money is spent training and retaining the current staff. Each year we strive to hire smarter people to our team ensuring they can service you with the highest quality of service.  The more experienced a team member becomes, the more higher in- demand they are and we need to ensure they are paid a competitive salary to keep them managing your account.

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