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Get The Most Out Of DSP

Looking to supercharge your digital advertising efforts? Amazon’s demand side platform allows you to programmatically purchase display ads, video ads, and image ads both on and off Amazon, helping you extend your reach across the web.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP helps advertisers maximize their reach across the internet with display advertising. A selection of different ad types can be purchased programmatically, published not only on Amazon and Amazon-owned entities, but also through multiple third party networks.

Amazon DSP benefits for advertisers

Is Amazon DSP Right for me?

Advertising on Amazon’s DSP can be a huge driver of awareness and conversions. But it’s not for everyone. We recommend Amazon DSP advertising for…

If you tick these boxes, Amazon DSP could help you to boost your return on advertising spend (ROAS) to skyrocket your profits, and create new opportunities for growth.

Why Choose us?

ClearAds are proud to be DSP pioneers. We’ve built a strong team of Amazon DSP experts to help you make smarter, more informed advertising decisions.


Work with us and you can expect:

And if that’s not enough, here’s another excellent reason to choose us: we’re breaking down barriers. Amazon’s DSP usually requires a minimum spend of $3500, but our services make programmatic purchasing more accessible than ever before and provides access to Amazon’s DSP for far less.

Amazon Demand Side Platform

Advantages of having Clear Ads as your Amazon marketing agency

Our Amazon DSP advertising experts help sellers to recognize your target audience and identify the best areas to place your products. We offer full transparency and regular communication, showing you exactly how your campaigns are performing through regular reporting.

Amazon Demand Side Platform - Self Service

How Does it Work?

We take a simple 4-step approach to help you make the most of Amazon DSP:

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1: Review

We review your inventory to identify suitable and eligible products for the DSP

2: Develop

We develop a personalized strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives

3. Implement

We put this strategy into place so you can start enjoying the benefits

4. Optimize

We continually optimize your strategy to ensure it keeps delivering

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So, Why DSP?

Amazon DSP Unique Features

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Amazon DSP also allows you to have a sentence from any review a customer has left for the product you would like to advertise within your advert. This would give your product an edge compared to your rival Amazon Sellers as it takes advantage of what others have said about your product.

Targeting Segments

As Amazon is the only DSP platform that actually owns its own data, it is able to use that wealth of information to ensure that your adverts appear to the most appropriate audience taking into consideration their spending patterns and information provided to Amazon. This can range from education, devices used, cat/dog owners, those interested in baby gifts, backing supplies and so many other different segments.

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Supply Sources

As well as your listings appearing on Amazon O&O (Owned and Operated Sites) such as Amazon and IMDb, you also have the ability to have your advert serve outside of Amazon on their open exchanges. This enhances your brand’s ability to generate more awareness of your products outside of Amazon in key placements and really scale.

What Our Clients Say

According to TrustPilot

I love working with Clear Ads Limited. They taught me and my team how to use DSP and how to get results as stunning as a 26 ROAS. That’s a 3.8% ACoS. Their bottom up funnel approach helps scale Amazon businesses without overspending.
Clear Ads helped get our new business noticed on Amazon. On our own we had no sales for 2 months. On the first day of the campaign Clear Ads had created for us, we had our first sale and impressions are rising dramatically. They know their stuff!

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