Our Success Stories in Amazon PPC Management

Helping Our Clients Perform Better since 2011

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Our clients have trusted ClearAds to help them perform better on Amazon since 2011. From increasing traffic to growing sales, our Amazon PPC and DSP experts have partnered with thousands of businesses to improve ad performance and make a noticeable difference to their bottom line.

PPC Case Studies

How we helped convert a street store into a large Amazon brand in the midst of the Covid Pandemic
How ClearAds reduced ACoS from 37% – 22% in 2 months whilst increasing sales by 220%
How a comprehensive strategy allowed ClearAds to raise monthly sales by over £100,000 and reduce ACoS
How ClearAds increased revenue from $1.1M per month to $2.1M per month inside 12 months whilst maintaining a low ACoS
How Clear Ads scaled a clients ROAS to 12 and while increasing sales over the course of a year!
How Clear Ads doubled a client’s sales while reducing ACoS by 30%, a synergy of Amazon DSP and PPC

DSP Case Studies

How ClearAds transformed a client from never using Amazon DSP to leveraging $4.6million with RoAS of 15.1
How Clear Ads adapted our advertising strategy to increase traffic and generate $64k in one month to an order
How Clear Ads exponentially increased a clients’ advertising and organic sales using DSP!
How we helped our client achieve over 1 million dollars in product sales in under two years on Amazon DSP
Using cross-sell orders to achieve our clients’ wishes
How DSP image ads helped our client generate a consistent income at an amazing ROAS
How the strategic use of Amazon DSP audiences generated sales for a client when their own purchase and views audiences failed.

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