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Welcome to ClearAds

ClearAds isn’t just another PPC agency. We’re Amazon PPC and DSP experts.

When we say we’re a world-leading PPC and DSP agency, we mean it. ClearAds works exclusively with brands that sell on Amazon and our solutions are 100% dedicated to Amazon PPC and DSP advertising. As an advanced Amazon partner, we have hands-on expertise across all Amazon marketplaces and categories, and brands large and small.

As an advertising agency focused primarily on Amazon advertising with an international footprint, our entire focus is on guiding Amazon sellers, advertisers and DSP users to success with optimal performance delivered as standard. For our clients, that means we grow their sales. We make budgets work harder and stretch further. We maximise ROI and we have a real-world impact on profits.

We’re also proactive, hands-on and driven by the data.

You’ll find our US team located in New York City and our European HQ in London.

What's important to us

Our Account managers have worked in over 200 different accounts in diverse industries and know what works well and what doesn’t.

Clear Ads Limited provides a very personal service, assigning our customers with a dedicated account manager  ensuring they have a seamless experience.

Why Work With ClearAds?

ClearAds speaks your language. You want to grow your sales. See your profits increase and your ACoS to be lower. We know how to do exactly that.

Our Amazon marketing experts are the best in the field because we exclusively manage Amazon DSP and PPC advertising. With our entire focus trained on Amazon, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t work.

We’re quick to spot trends at category, local and international levels because we’re immersed in the data, all day, every day. We also know what’s important to Amazon advertisers and brands like yours; and how to deliver on key objectives to keep your account lean, your campaigns optimized, your sales up and your profits healthy. After all, we’ve spent the last 10 years doing just that.


A dedicated account manager, clear reporting and results-focused strategies.


PPC managers have worked in 200+ Accounts Since 2aWe’ve been helping Amazon sellers, brands and advertisers to get the most out of their budget since 2009.


We only work with Amazon Ads and DSP.

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