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We are Amazon marketing experts. We know exactly what it takes to create high-impact, high performing Amazon PPC campaigns. We make the most of your budget, improve ranking, increase sales and drive down advertising costs.

The Clear Ads Difference

We’re an international leader in Amazon advertising. Our expertise sits across Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display and more, combining extensive in-house expertise with the latest marketing technologies. We help American businesses get the best possible performance from every cent of their Amazon budget.

Expert Amazon Ads services to grow your business

Advantages of having Clear Ads as your Amazon marketing agency

Our Amazon PPC advertising experts help sellers recognise their target audience and identify the best areas to place your products. Clear Ads Limited provides a very personal service, assigning you with a dedicated account manager ensuring you have a seamless experience. We’ll maintain regular contact and provide monthly reporting outlining the productivity and performance of your account. 

How Does it Work?

Whether you’re a newcomer, established seller or seasoned advertiser, you can expect results right away thanks to our simple, 4-step approach to success:

Don’t settle for second best. If you’re serious about squeezing the most value from Amazon PPC advertising, choose Clear Ads. Schedule a free consultation with one of our Amazon experts to find out more about our marketing solutions now.

1. Audit & Assessment

We begin by assessing your existing advertising. It may be that you’re performing excellently in some areas, and need a push in the right direction in others. We don’t want to fix what isn’t broken; we want to ensure you’re achieving your top potential.

2. Strategy Development:

We work with you to identify methods that will take you from where you currently are, to where you need to be. Whatever you want to focus on - boosting brand awareness, improving sales, boosting product rank, or perhaps all three - we design and develop strategies that deliver.

3. Implementation

We’ll roll out changes to your Amazon PPC campaigns to align them with your vision for success. Starting at the bottom of the sales funnel and working our way towards the top, we look at sticking points in the buyer journey and find ways to eliminate them completely.

4. Optimization

Once the account is fully set up, the focus will shift to optimisation, scaling and new opportunities to expand.

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Case Study Samples

PPC Case Study #1

How Clear Ads doubled a client’s sales while reducing ACoS by 30%, a synergy of Amazon DSP and PPC.

PPC Case Study #2

How Clear Ads scaled a clients ROAS to 12 and while increasing sales over the course of a year!

PPC Case Study #3

How ClearAds increased revenue from $1.1M per month to $2.1M per month in 12 months whilst maintaining a low ACoS

See how we can help you maximise revenue from your ad spend

Working together to improve Amazon seller experiences

Being the best requires focus and discipline. That’s why our expert team of Amazon marketing specialists are 100% dedicated to Amazon PPC and DSP management. Whether you’re a tools specialist looking to offer a discount to our customers or just want to do some awareness building in the industry, ClearAds will work closely with you. Our focus is on growing, increasing revenue for our customers, fine tune their ROI and maximise their profits. If you are looking to do the same then partnering with us would likely be a good option for you. 

Premium Partners

Providing tools and services to our account managers and customers.

Distribution Partners

Distribute offers and discounts across your customer base and ours.

Content Partners

Share content across your content networks and ours.


What's important to us

Our Account managers have worked in over 200 different accounts in diverse industries and know what works well and what doesn’t.

Clear Ads Limited provides a very personal service, assigning our customers with a dedicated account manager  ensuring they have a seamless experience.

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