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Amazon DSP Case Study 03


We had been running this remarketing order on the DSP platform for a while and achieving admirable results. The audience for this order is built up of anyone who has viewed their products with a lookback window of 30 days. It is great that we could capture the low hanging fruit but it became apparent that the performance of this order had reached a plateau; we were only able to reach a finite audience size existing of those window shoppers on Amazon.


We decided to start reaching a new audience through the DSP platform itself by creating an order using consideration tactics, thus opening ourselves up to a whole new audience who were considering a purchase in our market, but had not yet heard of our brand. Utilising our data from the remarketing campaigns we looked into our overlap audiences to determine what categories our existing and loyal customers were also shopping in. This would give us a better insight as to where we could reach a new audience. It was important that we selected the audiences with the highest affinity score as this minimised the risk of reaching an irrelevant audience.


By targeting our ads at the “In-Market (IM)” audiences discovered in the overlap reports we have been able to expand our reach dramatically and increasing total product sales in the remarketing order from $18k to $39k after running the consideration order for only 1 month. After month 2 we saw the sales increase again to $65k.

Before July 2020

Total Sales : £89K

Cost : £15K


After Jan 2021

Total Sales : £278K

Cost : £35K


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