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Amazon PPC Case Study 01


Client had 100’s of products to advertise, but listings were not optimised and had no clear strategy of how and what to advertise.

What We Did

We created a long term strategy to scale the account. Initially focusing our attention on the products that already had a good level of traction and sales history based on data in the Business Reports growing customer awareness through the use of Sponsored Brand and Video campaigns and gaining rank for specific keywords that we needed to compete for using Sponsored Product campaigns. We simultaneously provided listing optimisation suggestions to the client and ensured retail readiness for the products with a weaker sales history before applying coupons for the initial few weeks and driving paid traffic towards them.


In the span of about 6 months PPC driven sales grew by 6575.1% from 4 digit to 6 digit sales with ACoS reducing from ~78% to ~23% in that time.

Before July 2020

Total Sales: £1.5K

Cost: £1.2K


After Dec 2020

Total Sales : £102.5K

Cost : £23.9K

ACoS: 23%

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