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How Clear Ads increased revenue from $1.1M per month to $2.1M per month inside 12months whilst maintaining a low ACoS

Increased revenue from $1.1M per month to $2.1M per month

Doubled the turnover in under a year

The Client

This client sells premium Audio/Visual products. They are in an enviable position in that many of their top sellers are exclusively sold by themselves.

The Clients' Goals​

The client gave specific aims for their business. They wanted to:

  • Scale the legacy campaigns in the account and create hundreds of new ones whilst keeping the ACOS close to when we took over the account
  • To raise brand awareness and products ranking through Sponsored Product, Display and Brand campaigns
  • To upsell customers to bundle packs after they have chosen a main product.


We created manual counterparts to all of the legacy auto campaigns. Along with the monthly search term reports, this was used to harvest the best converting key terms and put them into the corresponding manual campaign.

We also created a number of very large category campaigns which were optimised twice a week.

Sponsored display campaigns were used to create competitor targeting and category targeting strategies. In order to achieve fine grain control, we created auto and manual campaigns that only contained the top 100 best sellers. Once all of these new campaigns had run for some time, we began optimising the keyword bids using an in-house developed suite of software. This was done on a weekly basis. Once the sales and ACOS were to an acceptable level, we moved on to the next batch of campaign strategies.

The Result

By continually alternating between creating new campaigns and ruthlessly optimising them, we were able to double the turnover in under a year. This highlights the power of PPC campaign manager – being able to create both top level campaigns and also at a granular level.

We worked closely with the client’s Amazon Rep, keeping up with their suggestions and using their data that cannot be found on the main Amazon dashboard. This was invaluable when creating campaigns via the bulk operations section of the Amazon frontend. The account has a few thousand campaigns, so the keyword optimisation has to be done in bulk too.We have recently started experimenting with the re-marketing and various other clever new options in the Sponsored Display campaign creator.

Performance stats while Clearads managing PPC

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