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Using cross-sell orders to achieve our clients’ wishes

Consistent sales volume

ROAS of 7

Cross-sell approach

The Client

The client is a company who specializes in selling shaving products that help you reach difficult places, in both the US and Canada; helping more people be beach ready in a shorter
amount of time.

The Problem​

The client’s main product was providing the best results in the remarketing campaign but the extra accessories (i.e. extra blades) were needing some more attention. They were performing worse in the remarketing because the potential customer would need to have the main product for the accessories make sense. This is where a cross sale order made sense.

What We Did...

Due to the nature of shaving products, we had an opportunity to cross sell the purchase of the main product with extra accessories (i.e. extra blades). Cross sale orders work very well when it comes to these types of products. It entails using the purchases of one product, usually a main product, then serving the potential customer the creative ads for the second product, usually an accessory. We did this for our two main ASINs and their accessories.

The Result

This campaign is on the backburner, despite that it consistently brings in $2,000 a month at a ROAS of 7. The client is happy with this performance and is content at keeping the ads at this level.

First 3 Months

Clearads DSP Management Stats
Clearads DSP Management Stats

All Time

Clearads DSP Management Stats
Clearads DSP Management Stats

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