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How Clear Ads transferred a client from never using Amazon DSP to leveraging $4.6 million with a RoAS of 15.1

Increased turnover to a whopping $4,6million

Massive increase of 15.1 in ROAS in a matter of months

The Client

The client is a home decor company, specializing in premium products without high retail markups. Their goal is to make products customers love and make their buying experience as easy and seamless as possible.

The Problem​

The client wanted to gain additional traffic to their Amazon listings via a new channel while aiming for and maintaining a RoAS of 10. Due to the incredibly large product catalogue, we needed to introduce his products onto the DSP platform in a staggered and methodical manner. It is often a difficult decision and sellers can rightfully be apprehensive about moving onto a new platform like DSP. However, when scaling a business and attempting to expand reach to new audiences situated all over the internet, DSP is a perfect tool, a point that was discussed with the client.

What We Did...

Their audiences are so large that we have avast amount of traffic coming through to the irrespective Product Display pages. This allows us to re-engage with these customers and advertise to them the products they have previously viewed and even cross-sell the mother products from the catalogue. We took the approach of creating a new remarketing order each month with its own dedicated budget.

The ASINs selected were based on a mix of product seasonality (the client sells a lot of outdoor lighting) and product sales performance on Amazon Seller Central. This allowed us to make the most of the advertising budget without stretching it too thin across every item from the start.

A slower and more methodical approach has allowed us to better discover which product swill benefit the most from remarketing through DSP.

The Result

As a result of our tailored approach, we have been able to maintain a profitable and sustainable ROAS month on month, with an average ROAS of 15.1 (ACoS of 6.62%) over the course of the last 9 months. See the graphs below, showing a steady and significant increase in sales and impressions.

Before onboarding
Clear Ads DSP Management Stats
After 10 months with Clear Ads
Clear Ads DSP Management Statistics

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