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How to Build Brand Awareness on Amazon

A well-developed brand can take your business from a circumstantial purchase to a recognized and sought-after product.

Branding is a way for you to develop your customer relationships and loyalty. Building your brand and spreading awareness can encourage consumers to repurchase your products.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the process of building recognition for your brand with your audience.

The more positive recognition people have of your brand, the stronger you will become as a business.

You are more likely to be shared and purchased, which can substantially grow your business without paying for advertising.

Well thought out brand awareness campaigns can make you an identifiable household name like Nike. 

Why Brand Values Matter

Your branding is how your consumers distinguish you from other sellers. It is your mantra and how you want to be remembered. 

Having consistent and genuine values will attract customers to your business. People want to shop from businesses that feel human. For example, many beauty products announce that they are cruelty-free because they value animal rights. This is a way to show your consumers that you care about more than just money. 

These are especially important in our current society when more than ever, brands and people are facing cancel culture. So, making what you stand for known prevents negative assumptions and improves your customer experience.

Our Brand Values 

As a business, Clear Ads are consistently ensuring that we uphold our brand values for the best outcome for our clients and the environment for our colleagues.

  • Respect – At Clear Ads, we respect each individual, whether that is a client or a colleague. Our actions are fueled by treating others with dignity and professionalism. No person is of less value here as we are a team, and we seek to demonstrate this through our work. 
  • Integrity – We also believe that with dignity comes integrity. We are a company that upholds our claims and are constantly proving ourselves to our clients through responsible actions and honest relationships. This looks like regular communication between ourselves and transparency with our clients. 
  • Teamwork – We are a unit that works together to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. There is no shame in asking for advice, and we often collaborate, which produces a creative and safe environment where the whole team can do their best.
  • Growth and Innovation – At Clear Ads, we are dedicated to staying ahead and alert about industry trends. However, we encourage each other to think outside the box and find creative and innovative ways to solve problems. By developing this way, we can professionally expand our capabilities as a complete team. 
  • Accountability – As a business, we value accountability and honesty by taking ownership of our actions. We are a team, and with a nurturing environment, we believe it is important to be accountable, learn, and grow in everything we do.

Brand Awareness on Amazon

There are more sellers on Amazon since more consumers are shopping online post-pandemic. As a result, to grow your brand recognition, sellers must build their awareness on Amazon.

The brilliance of being a brand on Amazon is the tools and information accessible to you as a seller. Using the tools and advertising capabilities of the platform will help you grow exponentially.

The goal is to be recognized and trusted by customers so that they repeatedly seek out your product and recommend it to their friends. For example, Starbucks is a recognized and trusted brand in many households, they may not like the coffee, but the branding is firmly established.


What are some of the benefits of building your brand awareness on Amazon? 

Deterring fake sellers

One of the best advantages for both seller and shopper is the impact being a brand has on the selling environment. Being part of the brand registry requires a trademark and verification of being a valid seller by Amazon. 

This verification process can identify you and automatically instills more trust in you as a seller, the customer knows they will not be scammed, and you will gain that sale. 

The more verified sellers there are on Amazon, the less fraud will occur, and the more verified businesses will get promoted.

Improving the customer experience

Not only do you improve the customer experience by identifying yourself as a valid seller, but you can also improve your relationship with customers by responding and acting on their feedback. Responding to their reviews and rewarding loyalty with promotions will drastically improve the relationship with your audience.

Your customers will feel listened to and be more likely to repurchase your product with the improvements. Plus, humans are naturally reward and praise driven; like coffee stamps, you can entice consumers and build loyalty. 

Rewards will build awareness and excitement toward your entire brand. Likely, your product is already on the market, so engaging a customer this way separates you from inactive sellers.

Promote your brand

Now is the time to show your customers who you are and what you stand for. Instead of advertising a singular product, you can showcase a product portfolio. This will increase their brand loyalty by showing your range. They may not repurchase the same thing, but they may like your brand and return for something different. 

By promoting the entire brand, sellers develop the recognizability of your logo and attract new audiences. Amazon allows you to promote your brand and storefront on socials to lead traffic through different sources.  

Develop an emotional connection

Building brand awareness on Amazon can help you create an emotional connection with your audience. More than ever, shoppers are valuing reliability and morality. There is a far greater culture for supporting smaller brands, especially when there is an emotional connection. 

Show your consumers that you are human by showcasing your values and being an active seller. Respond to their feedback and offer personalized offers. 

A-Plus Content

Being part of the brand registry gives you invaluable access to A+ content. This content replaces your product details pages and is used to give the customer confidence in what they are buying. 

Utilizing this content can increase sales by 10% and increase your overall traffic.

Valuable insights from brand analytics

Being a brand will give you invaluable insights from brand analytics. Here you can see the impact your advertising is having on your brand and identify where you can press harder or relax. 

The more information you can gather about your consumers, the better you can tailor your campaign strategy.

It offers excellent insights including:

  • Impressions 
  • Clicks 
  • Cart Adds 
  • Purchases

Using Amazon Ads for Brand Awareness

Examples of Successful Ad Campaigns

As mentioned above, a successful campaign can take your unknown brand to a known trademark if you build up positive awareness.

Take some of these brands that have increased sales by building positive brand awareness with targeted campaigns as an example.

  1. The ‘Real Beauty’ campaign by Dove – this campaign was targeted at women to highlight body positivity. It was successful at challenging the conventional beauty standards we place on ourselves and others by featuring women of various body types and skin tones in its campaigns. This type of campaign is empowering and makes a large group of people feels included in a wider movement.
  2. Secondly, there is the ‘Proud Whopper’ campaign by Burger King, which was targeted at the LGBTQ+ audience. During this brand awareness campaign, the chain used a rainbow-colored wrapper for the Whopper burger to promote equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. This campaign promoted inclusivity and equality and identified the brand values of Burger King.
  3. The third example is the ‘We Believe’ campaign by Gillette. This campaign was targeted at men to address toxic masculinity. This campaign featured a diverse group of men and encouraged them to be their best selves. 

It aimed to promote inclusivity and respect toward men. 

How to Improve Brand Awareness on Amazon

Amazon has supplied sellers with a multitude of facilities for improving brand awareness. By using these strategies and tools, you can give your business the greatest opportunity to build your brand awareness.

Consistent Branding & Customer Experience

Having consistent branding and customer experience is vital for the success of your brand awareness campaigns. Remaining consistent gives customers security in what they will experience when interacting with your brand, whether through giving feedback or purchasing a product.

It will also make your brand vastly more identifiable to the public. The way Mcdonald’s has the golden arches or Amazon has the smile on the box, these are brand identifiers as well. This way, consumers will know when it is your product, and with a consistent shopping experience, they will be more inclined to buy from you again.

Sponsored Products

A good place to start is to be consistent with your advertising. Sponsored products are the most common form of advertising on Amazon as they serve a multitude of purposes and put your product and brand in line with the consumers.

These ads appear within the search results page and are distinguished from organic products by the ‘sponsored’ tag. These ads can increase your visibility for new and old audiences and create a higher click-through rate.

Having identifiable product listings will help shoppers be confident in their experience with your brand.

Sponsored Brands Ads

Sponsored brand ads will appear at the top of the search results page as a banner. They can be the preferred ad for driving brand awareness, as you can present your logo and multiple products.

They can also send customers to a custom landing page or your store. This is the time to distinguish yourself as a brand and separate yourself from the competition. 

Advertise your product range to relevant consumers and see your traffic grow.

Sponsored Brands Video Ads

As a newer component to Amazon advertising, you may not be using video ads yet. However, these are brilliant ways of creating a unique customer experience. 

You can use these ads to demonstrate the use of a lifestyle image or teach your audience more about your brand! They are visible on the search results page and can appear on desktop and mobile devices. 

They are around 7-40 seconds long and help customers discover new brands. A well-curated video ad sets you apart from other sellers just by using sponsored products. They can appear more professional and identify you as an established brand rather than a singular product.

Amazon Brand Store

You can create a store on Amazon once you have signed up on the brand registry. It is a way to highlight numerous products and various categories so customers can explore your entire product range.

A storefront will also give you access to unique store analytics. Store analytics enables you to carefully optimize your strategy and ads based on where your traffic comes from and what attracts your audience. 

You can advertise your storefront on or off Amazon, which means you can expand your awareness campaign to your socials and receive traffic that way. 

Optimizing Product Detail Pages

The product detail page is one of the most crucial parts of your campaigns. Here is where customers learn about your product and where the decision to purchase will often be made. As a result, you must do the best you can at presenting a clear and descriptive PDP that is in line with Amazon’s guidelines. 

Product Title

The title of your product should clearly state what the product is. A customer should not be confused about what it is, and the name should correspond with the images and description you have written. If you are selling 50 blue balloons, have your product title include the quantity, color, and item to prevent confusion when the product arrives. 

You will find that numerous shoppers would not look at the product description and will take the title and images at face value. It is more common than not that a seller will include their best-performing keywords in the title for optimal visibility.

Product Details

These are the bullets to the right of your images that explain the key qualities or uses of your product. It is also the information that Amazon will use to categorize the product, so use clear and relevant keywords. This will ensure the customer is fully satisfied and knowledgeable about the product, which reduces any negative feedback.

For those with a brand awareness goal, this is where you can add more about your brand values or history.


The images you use in your product description can impact your conversion rates. Amazon suggests using 4-6 good-quality images within your PDPs that indicate what our product is. It can also be relevant to add text or videos within this section to give the full capacity of your product.

For awareness goals, images should stay consistent throughout your products and branding. It will add structure and confidence to your campaigns if there is a common thread between your PDPs. This will make you increasingly identifiable to consumers.

The Buy Box

For the majority of customers, the buy box is just something that appears on some of the products they choose to purchase. It is subtly placed on the product detail page, without prior knowledge of what it is or why you achieve it, it would go unnoticed. But, the ability to immediately purchase an item is a powerful tool for increasing sales and awareness. 

If your product is the easiest to purchase, you are more likely to win the sale. Plus, to win the buy box, you need to fulfill various product qualifications, which would make for an attractive product to customers.

The very important areas you need to excel in include

  • Fulfillment – Amazon will always give FBA sellers a perfect score. Because of this, it is unlikely for merchants to beat FBA sellers unless they use Seller-Fulfilled Prime. It is important to consider this if you are trying to win the buy box.
  • Price – Amazon looks at the landed price of your product, not just the seller’s price. This means that if you have a higher seller performance, there is a chance you can raise your prices and still win the buy box.
  • Shipping time – The amount of time it takes from purchase to shipping of a product has a very high impact on who will get a share of the buy box. The buy box is about ease of purchase, because the shorter your shipping time, the more satisfied a customer will be. It bodes well for a brand to be efficient with their shipping as it makes them more reliable. 
  • Availability – It goes without saying that if you do not have enough stock, you will not win the buy box. Amazon wants to highlight sellers who can send their products out immediately, but shoppers cannot ‘buy now’ if there is nothing to buy. 

Customer Questions

There is a question-and-answer section on the product pages that you can access as a seller. Responding to these questions can significantly help build your brand awareness by developing a relationship with your current customers.

When you are a small brand, take advantage of any opportunities to show your consumers what your brand is about. If they can see that you care about customer satisfaction and you want to improve your products and make them accessible, people will like your brand as well as your product.

Customer experience is the main priority for Amazon, so do everything you can to receive positive feedback.

Focus on Reviews

Amazon reviews should not be overlooked when trying to build brand awareness. You need a rating of 3.5 for Amazon to consider your advertisement, so it may be worth giving an extra push on receiving reviews for new products or after any product changes.

Customers will likely head straight to the review section on a product page to gather an understanding of other customers’ experiences. This is where they understand if your brand is worth their time. Naturally, the more positive feedback you receive, the greater the spread of your brand. 

Respond to Customer Feedback

Take action on the feedback you receive to improve your relationship with consumers and encourage new buyers. Responding to feedback draws closely on what we mentioned previously about ensuring a positive customer experience.

When building awareness for your brand as a whole, responding and acting on your feedback will instill more trust in your business. The goal is to have a relationship with your audience to encourage repeat purchases and encourage new audiences to buy from you.

Rewarding Customer Loyalty

The seller can encourage repurchasing by offering your consumers benefits with repurchases. This could look like a reward system where consumers receive a percentage off after multiple purchases. You can use your email marketing to send them unique codes to encourage brand loyalty. 

Amazon’s Brand Registry Program

The brand registry program helps brand owners protect their intellectual property and improve their customers’ shopping experience on Amazon. The program is designed to give brand owners greater control over their products and listings on the Amazon platform.

Some of the advantages of signing up for the program are

  • Brand security – not only will it help to secure your brand from any fraudulent activity it will prevent your customers from having any poor shopping experiences. Amazon has powerful tools that can detect property infringement and block violations before they impact the seller or customer.
  • Improved customer experience – the registry program gives sellers access to better content and photos on the details pages with A+ content. The information can be more engaging and teach the customer about your brand and product. Resulting in a confident and satisfying purchase.
  • Track your progress – you have unique access to key information about your brand. You can see stats related to your brand’s protection, including tracking the progress of any infringement notices you have submitted.

A+ Content / A+ Pages

As mentioned above, the brand registry process gives you access to A+ content, which can drastically improve the quality of your product detail pages. It also sets your business apart from other non-registered brands. 

A+ content will replace the regular product description, the brand can then describe its products in far greater detail. Add enhanced imagery, text, and relevant information you want your audience to know about the product and your brand.

The point of A+ content is customer experience, you want to fuel your shopper with as much confidence as possible in your product. Amazon will supply templates for you to follow, but it is your responsibility to ensure you give relevant and interesting content to engage your customers. If followed through successfully, A+ content can increase conversion rates by up to 10%! 

It is an opportunity to share your message and history to spark their interest.

Tracking Brand Performance

As a brand on Amazon, you have access to a range of extra information. 

Brand Analytics provides relevant customer search and purchases behavior data to help brands improve their image and performance. 

Here are some of the helpful reports you can access via brand analytics

  • The Amazon Search Query Performance Report – This report gives a better understanding of the sales funnel. You can use this at the brand and ASIN level by identifying conversion issues and drop-off points.
  • The Market Basket Analysis Report – This report shows the top products customers most commonly purchase alongside the products they sell. This helps to identify potential audiences and gaps in your campaign targeting through insights into purchase behaviors.
  • The Repeat Purchase Behavior Report: – This report identifies the products that customers reorder. It can help to understand which products you can be retargeting more aggressively. This will help you prevent wasted ad spending and build up brand awareness.
  • The Item Comparison Report – This shows products customers most commonly view alongside the products you sell. Remember that it is not what they purchased alongside, but it may identify some potential key terms or audiences to target. 
  • The Alternative Purchase Report – This shows which products customers purchase alternative to the one you are selling. As painful as this is to visualize, seeing what the preferred products of your own are can help with your campaigns. Look at what those sellers are doing differently and adjust yourself accordingly.

Getting Started

Are you a business selling on Amazon and want to take its branding to the next level but don’t have the time or the knowledge to commit? It may be time to look into hiring a third-party agency to help! 

At Clear Ads, we are dedicated to our client’s businesses. We want each business to succeed and excel far beyond its original goals. Because of this, we dedicate our time and knowledge to ensure you see results. 

With over a decade of experience working with a range of brands, we have the skills to help you build your brand awareness and increase sales. Whatever your targets, our account managers are confident they will achieve the best possible results for your business. 

If you are curious about what we are capable of, or want to see where your business could be with an extra push, then request a callback today!

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