How to Get an Amazon Ads Certification


Amazon Ads certifications are a way to validate your knowledge and understanding of Amazon Ads products and solutions.

There are six certifications available:

  • Sponsored Ads CertificationAmazon Advertising foundations Certification
  • Sizmek Ad Suite Certification
  • Amazon DSP Certification
  • Amazon DSP Advanced Certification
  • Amazon retail for advertisers Certification

Once you have completed a certification assessment, you will receive a digital badge, which makes you an accredited Amazon advertiser. They are great for self-assurance as well as an outward display to others of your knowledge and expertise.

The certificates are free to take with an Amazon account. They are particularly beneficial for advertisers or agencies; to learn everything they need about Amazon advertising.

At Clear Ads, we pride ourselves on having all our staff complete the certifications! Even the content writers. It shows our clients that we know our stuff.

The Benefits of Becoming Certified

  • Show your colleagues and clients your proficiency—add the digital badge to your social media or email signature. Show people your hard work and knowledge.
  • Keep up to date—Once certified, you will receive monthly newsletters on the latest Amazon courses and certification opportunities.
  • Add it to your CV—you can add the certifications to your resume, so potential employers can see you are proficient.
  • Know how to advertise—they look good to others, but are also very beneficial to your business. Learning how to advertise on Amazon is crucial for a successful campaign.

The Amazon Learning Console

You can access the certifications through the Amazon learning console.

To proceed with any courses or assessments, you need an Amazon account, but it is free to sign up and start. The ‘get started’ button will prompt the user to log in or sign up when they begin a course.

After that, you can explore the learning console and use it however you require.

You will note that the console is brightly colored and easy to navigate, which helps to produce a pleasant learning experience.

As you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, you will see your current courses and recommendations. The modules are not required to complete the ads certifications, but they help.

Courses are categorized by topic, but you can use the search tool to find what you are looking for if you know the name.

Amazon has made the console easy to use and as appealing to the eye as possible. They want as many advertisers to complete them as possible.

They have expanded the console a fair amount as they realized the popularity of the certifications. Adding courses ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

How to Take the Assessment

You can take the assessments through the learning console home page and the certifications tab.

If you can’t find them this way, there is also a search bar you can use if you know the name of the certificate you need. You require an Amazon account to complete the exams like you complete the courses.

After opening a certification, there will be a suggestion to complete the modules before taking the test.

The modules cover everything that can be found in the exam and can be helpful. However, you don’t need to finish all the modules to gain your badge. You can jump straight to the assessment if you would prefer.

Read the disclaimer before you begin. There are 2 hours to complete the assessment, and the number of questions can vary depending on which certificate you are doing.

You require a score of 80% or higher to pass, but there is the option to repeat the exam after 24 hours. Amazon wants as many people to pass the exams as possible.

The exams are multiple-choice; you can have the courses open throughout, and students can retake them after 24 hours. Plus, everything in the exam would have come up in the certification courses.

So you are at every advantage to score the highest you can!

What Will Be on the Test?

Amazon is not trying to trick you with any of the exams! What do I mean by this?

Every question on the exam has an answer found in the learning material. The specific content will vary depending on which exam you are taking. But the material is all there for learning, no matter which exam it is! 

You will find that even though there are some repeated questions, the exams will be different each time. Amazon has given a set percentage of each exam to a different sub-topic within the material.

There will be variations within the questions, but the topics will be the same. 

You will be given an outcome at the end of the test, which shows your performance in each section. You can then return to the learning material and find the corresponding sections. 

What Are The Test Rules?

Before starting the exam, read the disclaimer, which tells you:

  • Do not get assistance from others.
  • Do not share, disclose, reproduce, copy, transmit, or make derivative works of assessment questions and responses or any other Amazon Confidential Information.

The purpose is to ensure that you have completed the test without help from others, and you won’t share the information. Other than that, there are no rules aside from the time limit and reading the questions carefully.

Tips For Passing

Top 5 Tips 

  1. Revising is not a weakness: Many people go straight to the assessments without looking at the course material! The only way to get a good score is to know the content. I made notes for my exams, old school A-Level revision style.
  2. Be patient: You have 120 minutes for the exam, plenty of time, so slow down. Read through the questions calmly and carefully; there were times I rushed, failing to notice the question asked for two answers.
  3. Be strategic: You will be given an exam report at the end. Look at it and take note of which sections you were weakest.
  4. Switch it up: Completing more than one certification can be tiring, so switch it up a little. Try a different exam, or take a break and work on something else. Sometimes you need to step away to get out of the Amazon advertising brain fog.
  5. Get hands-on with your learning: People often learn differently, and seeing what you are learning can help someone understand and visualize it during the exams. You could even go onto Amazon and identify the different types of ads for yourself!

With over a decade of experience in digital advertising, we at Clear Ads have become a sought-after agency for Amazon advertising. We have helped hundreds of businesses achieve their potential because we are confident in what we do.

We are proud that all our account managers stay up to date with their Amazon certifications. As Amazon partners, we consistently stay informed on industry changes and Amazon updates. You can rest easy knowing that we are qualified Amazon advertisers. 

To find out more about how we can help your business grow, feel free to request a callback today!

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