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How Clear Ads scaled a clients ROAS to 12 and while increasing sales over the course of a year!

Achieved $14,237.19 in sales with a spend of $2,017.77 in spend which gives a ROAS of 7.06.

Achieved $42,785.98 in sales with a spend of $3,692.26 which gives a ROAS of 11.59.

The Client

This client specializes in selling pool cleaning products such as pool poles and nets which are sold within the US. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products which gives the customers incentive to explore their Amazon store and the products within.Priding themselves on providing a good experience for their customers has come as a huge benefit.

Why they Signed On

This client signed on to explore what additional reach they could achieve on their advertising by utilizing DSP as well as their PPC.

What We Did...

We analyzed the customer’s product prices and what audiences would be good to engage with.

Following this insight into the customer’s brand, we began to test out different Orders to see what will work best for the customer. We started off at the bottom of the funnel by reengaging customers who have previously viewed but not purchased one of their products.

After this we began to engage different customers moving up the funnel, who may have viewed a competitor’s product or browsed in a relevant
category. We reviewed these orders on a daily basis to ensure we were not overspending on orders that are not providing a good enough return or exposure to the right customers.

We also began to optimize these orders to get the best ROAS we could achieve on each given ad type. This includes adapting the weighting on
different creatives and the spend going through orders/ line items based on their performance.

The Result

In March 2021, we achieved $14,237.19 in sales with a spend of $2,017.77 in spend which gives a ROAS of 7.06.

In March 2022, after a year of testing out new orders and optimizing the existing orders we achieved $42,785.98 in sales with a spend of $3,692.26 which gives a ROAS of 11.59.

This scale in sales whilst also increasing the ROAS is testament to our granular approach to DSP in which we listen to our clients goals and change our strategy accordingly.

21st December 2020 -21st February 2021

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