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How we helped convert a street store into a large Amazon brand in the midst of the COVID pandemic

ACoS reduced from 50.10% to 39.89% in just one week

Modest increase in week-on-week sales of 9.11%

Large increase in ROAS from 1.75 to 6.25

The Company

This company is an established skincare brand, with years of experience selling on Amazon. With our help, they have expanded their reach to numerous marketplaces.

The Problem​

This client was already with us for DSP but was struggling to manage PPC for all 9markets with their in-house team. They wanted to partner with an agency that could help them to both reduce ACoS and scale their account in a niche that is rife with foreign sellers aggressively competing with their price.

The Solution

Being an established brand with a long history of advertising on Amazon, building and expanding on their campaigns was not a major priority. This is because the account was already fleshed out well, with a thorough portfolio system in place. We focused on: refining their existing campaigns; removing long term budget wasting targets that yielded little sales and were consistently not converting. We also added defensive campaigns and doubled down on campaigns and targets that were driving conversions.

The Result

As this is an account that we manage across multiple markets, we will focus on the US which is the primary account. Upon sign up the ACoS was ranging between 50 – 60%.One week later after our initial optimisations ACoS reduced from 50.10% to 39.89%, saving them just under $400 in wasted spend whilst simultaneously increasing sales by just under $600, a modest increase in week-on-week sales of 9.11%.

Amazon Analytics for Clearads Skincare Case Study
Amazon Analytics for Clearads Skincare Case Study

One month later the week’s sales had more than doubled, increasing by 102.37%.Simultaneously, the ACoS reduced by 17.83%from the previous 39.89% in the start of the prior month to 22.06% at the start of the next month.

Clearads skincare client case study figures
Clearads skincare client case study stats

An additional benefit observed was that the performance of their long suffering DSP account, that had been underperforming for awhile, also saw improvements through the optimisation of their PPC account.

At the time of sign up ROAS was hovering at around 1.75, swelling to a ROAS of 6.25 in the same timeframe and weekly sales increased by $3110.5 – from $1254.70 in the week of signup to $4365.20 – with less budget used to achieve this sales increase.

A lot of this can be attributed to the aggressive targeting of highly relevant targets on PPC that yielded a more relevant audience in the consideration stage, which was more readily converted into the purchasing stage of the funnel.

Clearads skincare client case study stats

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