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Why Work With ClearAds?

Being the best requires focus and discipline. That’s why our expert team of Walmart DSP advertising specialists are 100% dedicated to Walmart DSP management. Our focus is on growing, increasing revenue for our customers, fine tune their ROI and maximise their profits. If that sounds like you then working with us would likely be a good option for you. 

Clear Ads also offers Amazon DSP advertising so whilst Walmart DSP advertising is relatively new. Unlike other advertisers, we have extensive experience and knowledge of managing DSP advertising across multiple providers.  We pride ourselves on bringing across our Amazon DSP experience to the new Walmart Trade Desk platform.

Going direct may not be your best option...

Walmart have a minimum spend requirement of $100,000 which many of the smaller Walmart sellers are unable to meet. By working with Clear Ads you don’t need to be restricted by that minimum spend and can try it out with less risk and the added benefit of our DSP advertising expertise.

Connect with the right customers at the right time

Reach specific audiences with increased precision by leveraging Walmart’s past purchase and predictive audience segments, as well as brand level shopping behavior data from across the entire Walmart ecosystem, including Walmart’s website, app and their 4,700 physical stores.

Full access to Trade Desk's complete inventory

Display, streaming video, mobile, audio and CTV capabilities allow advertisers to manage multiple campaigns within the same platform.

Connecting in-store with online

Connecting online-to-offline sales by leveraging Walmart’s purchase data to measure both online and in-store transactions and link these to specific media tactics to make campaign optimizations and inform future strategies.

A final word from Walmart:

This last point is truly one of the key differentiators of the Walmart DSP. While the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated Walmart eCommerce sales growth, there has also been a measurable increase in Walmart store traffic over the past quarter. By connecting and measuring both online and in-store performance, the Walmart DSP can offer targeting, reporting and omnichannel insights down to a granular level.

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Our Account managers have worked in over 200 different accounts in diverse industries and know what works well and what doesn’t.

Clear Ads Limited provides a very personal service, assigning our customers with a dedicated account manager ensuring they have a seamless experience.

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