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What Happened at Accelerate 23?

Accelerate has been running for two years and has managed to set itself apart from other events in the industry. It offers a unique chance to hear from high-profile businesspeople and has become a genuine place of inspiration and fun.

The event is geared towards business leaders, salespeople, and those in the e-commerce industry. It is an exclusive event where each speaker and subject has been carefully curated so each attendee can learn and find inspiration.

This year there were 1500 attendees. Bringing together a wide range of people from new sellers to experienced business owners. This presents people with a special chance to interact with people they would normally miss. This type of environment fuels growth and inspires people to reach for their goals.

There was a high calibre of speakers at the event. Some key names include Jessica Alba, Michael and Nicole Phelps and Jeff Cohen, so it was a pleasure to share the space. Our founder George Meressa spoke on advanced advertising and how to use DSP and Google ads to maximise your growth.

Having such a wide variety of speakers, and hearing from such experienced business owners meant Accelerate could produce an environment of genuine learning and inspiration. Where people were able to share ideas and tips within and outside of the groups and develop better relationships.

The casino night is an excellent example of how the event was able to create a positive environment for networking. We all enjoyed ourselves and had the chance to build relationships that would be impossible without the event.

Accelerate had seven other key networking experiences for attendees. They were all topic-based which meant everyone had a good chance at networking with relevant people. I think that it adds a nice touch to the event and meant everyone got something from being there.

At Clear Ads we value our clients, we understand that not everyone can come to these events so we go and learn on your behalf. We are always staying ahead and keeping fresh to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

If you want to learn more about the other events we attend check out our website! Or, if you would like to learn more about how you can grow your business through advertising go ahead and request a callback.

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