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What happened at Sell and Scale 2022


Sell + Scale Summit took a seller-first approach to the presentations and sessions. The conference focused on private-label selling and brand-building. With this in mind, we went to this event with the intention of networking and meeting as many sellers as we could who wanted to level up their business using Amazon as a sales platform.

The event was great and we look forward to attending this event again in the future. We felt privileged to have the opportunity to meet so many new sellers and we were able to host a dinner with some of the larger sellers, which was a great opportunity to really get to know this community of people. The sheer number of sellers was excellent and our stand was often busy; meaning, we were able to network as much as we wanted or could. But at the same time, we also had the opportunity to learn and grow as well.

The talks we attended were very educational and we learnt a lot about how to help our clients as well as grow our own business. Gary Vee‘s talk particularly stood out to us for how informative it was. He inspired us with ideas and progression that we otherwise would have missed. We wish we could have managed to spend a bit more time talking with him and who knows maybe even had him on our podcast!

A stand-out part of the summit was being invited to attend Goldstin’s party; considering it was invite-only it was a privilege to be invited. It was for some of the biggest names in the space and meant we are recognised for our standing in Amazon advertising.

One of the issues that were raised is that we are entering into a recession, with costs higher than ever; understandably, companies are being more careful. The cost of living is higher than it has been more a while. And businesses are of course cautious about their spending at this time as it’s still unclear where household budget cuts will affect sales in some cases.

What made this event so different is how strong the speakers were. There was always something to do or learn, which is great if you don’t get to attend many events as you can fill up your cup with information.

One to add to your to attend list for 2023!

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