MDS Inspire – 2023


The MDS group was started by a few 7 figure sellers. The goal of the group was, and still is, to support bigger brands on Amazon.

It started as a far small Facebook group of sellers who share tips and help each other. Over time the group has massively expanded, with the demand for sellers gathering greater than ever.

Due to the nature of MDS, they are a very private group, with only select brands being selected for membership. They have the same strictness for associated agencies as partners, and we are fortunate to be one of them. 

See for yourself what MDS Inspire was like in this short video.

Why Was it Different?

Unlike other MDS events, inspire was a 1-day event, directly before the Prosper Show – one of the biggest Amazon events of the year. This way there would be far more sellers inclined to attend MDS since they would already be around. 

MDS Inspire set itself apart by encouraging non-members to attend, which was great for us since there were over 200 7-figure sellers for us to meet.

Because of the high level that the sellers were at we could have in-depth discussions about the benefits of Amazon DSP with attendees. It is always encouraging to talk about what we do best!

They also had a unique aspect to the event, consisting of table-top discussions about what works best for individual businesses. You are allocated a table and switched after a certain amount of time. It was brilliant as it meant we got to spread out and meet a far greater number of people.

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