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AmaNordic Event 2023


AmaNordic is on a mission to level up knowledge and experience for Amazon sellers. A big step towards successful online selling is knowing and thoroughly understanding the platform and marketplace you are selling on! This meant that sellers at this event were serious about growing or starting to sell on Amazon.

The event was split into two days; the first focused on education, tools, and networking. Then the second day went in depth about strategy and tactics, with group discussions in the afternoon.

A standout aspect of amaNordic was the opportunity to hear Philip Jepson and Carl Helgesson speak. It was thought-provoking to hear them speak about their unique experiences in the industry. Plus, our founder George Meressa gave a brilliant speech on ways to upgrade your campaigns with Amazon DSP.

However, all the speakers at the event were inspiring and offered some useful insights on how to grow your business on Amazon. If you missed the event you can watch a replay of the speakers on their website.

Aside from the talks, the food was excellent, and it was a pleasure to be interviewed about the event! It was so frustrating that a couple of our team had to leave early! Just as we were getting warmed up! Not to fret, as one of the team members stayed and continued to take advantage of the networking possibilities.

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