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Top 10 Amazon PPC Tools

A lot of what we do at Clear Ads is very manual and consists of a lot of time spent on Seller Central and DSP. However, we also utilize Amazon specific tools to gain insights, conduct keyword research and for other complex analytics to help our clients reach their goals.

In this blog, we will share our stance on our top ten favorite tools. Each specialist tool performs an important function and coupled with our in-house expertise, allows us to exceed ROI and KPI targets for our Amazon ads clients.

1. Helium10

Rightfully taking top spot on our podium, this brand has established itself as an integral part tool that allows users to swiftly discover competitors, as well as their ASIN’s. By doing so, Helium10 helps sellers to develop more impactful ASIN targeted campaigns, as well as enabling them to track keywords and products for changes in product rankings. 

The Clear Ads team have found the Cerebro tool incredibly helpful in finding well ranking organic keywords to use in the advertising campaign. This is also a great way to see what your competitors have been ranked for.

This isn’t all Helum10 offers. In addition, there are other tools for developing SEO and advertising campaigns, as well as discovering new products which could prove profitable. 

The program is used regularly by the team at Clear Ads to conduct keyword research, as well as giving us insights into competitors and their activities. Product listing pages can also be evaluated via the Helium 10 extension for Chrome or via the ‘Listing Analyzer’ tool on the application. 

We couldn’t mention Helium 10 without also mentioning their recent Adtomic tool launch. This is the ultimate PPC tool and provides a dashboard for all your PPC needs, showing you important metrics like TACoS, highlighting your least efficient campaigns and displaying your data trends.

2. Teikametrics

Teikametrics has placed so highly as a result of them providing a range of useful features which are regularly used by the team at Clear Ads. Some of our favorites include the ability to automate hourly billing, helping save time and boost efficiency on each account. 

In addition, Teikametrics provides a vast amount of data, with around 6% of all revenue from Amazon travels through this tool. Hence, Teikametrics sees billions of dollars pass through its software each year, and gives the company the chance to improve its software on a continual basis. 

Additionally, we use Teikametrics to convert search terms and keywords from auto to manual campaigns, which removes the need to carry out manual readings of search term reports. Not only does this lead to greater efficiency, but it also lends itself to greater accuracy by removing human error from the equation. 

On top of everything else, the Flywheel feature helps users to discover how profitable each campaign is by relaying information relating to the costs associated with each item to the platform for you to see. This information gives users the chance to take all the different factors related to costs and margins into account for every product sold on a particular Amazon account. 

3. Sellics

Sellics boasts one of the most powerful ranges of tools on this list for Amazon sellers, as well as for vendors and agencies who assist them. The services offered are tailored to the individual user by means of individual suites, but we can certainly look at some of the major tools encompassed within this powerful program. 

Among the features we prefer in Sellics are the Content Analyzer, and the Keyword Research tool. Both of these tools help us at Clear Ads to find new backend keywords, as well as to improve product listings.

Using Selllics’ stock monitoring tools, users can discover when product inventory is running out, while buybox monitoring lets them see whether their competitors are winning the same buybox as they are.

Sellics also provides us with a number of useful advertising tools, which we can use to navigate seamlessly between campaigns, make changes along the way, and review data and performance related to each Amazon PPC campaign.

4. Jungle Scout

There are a number of helpful tools on this platform, such as Keyword Scout, which helps you find the high-volume search terms that are most relevant to your products. In particular, Jungle Scout is a valuable tool for sellers, as it helps them find suppliers, as well as provide insights into other users who work with those particular manufacturers.

 While it might not be directly related to Amazon PPC, it can certainly have a dramatic and positive impact on your efforts on the platform as a whole. 

5. Zon Tools

Clear Ads uses this helpful tool regularly because it comes with many fantastic features. Zon Tools provides many options for optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns, but it is not fully automated, so some level of human monitoring and adaptation is required for optimum results. 

Users, however, have access to historical data after integrating an Amazon account with Zon Tools, which exceeds the usual 90-day limit. Presently, there are no opportunities for sponsored brands, but there are still plenty of ways to get involved. By using Zon Tools, users can build custom thresholds for their campaigns, allowing them to optimize them automatically based on their own input. 

In addition, Zon Tools offers easy campaign setup and easy access to search term data to ensure you’re targeting the right audience. The targeted ACoS options provide users with the option of selecting a margin and setting a target. This provides greater control over campaigns. 

Zon Tools also provides budgeting options, which allow users to block specific keywords if they don’t convert. The comprehensive list of features can be seen below:

6. AMZ Scout

Another of our preferred tools at Clear Ads is AMZ Scout, which permits you to see all the Amazon sellers who are also selling a specific product on Amazon.

In addition, users can see the stock level, price and star rating of each seller’s offering, as well as checking whether their account offers fulfilled delivery options. Using AMZ Scout is scalable, with a pro-version which offers additional tools such as a product profit calculator, BSR (best seller rank) history of each product, and a monthly sales estimator to help enable greater planning. 

The tool enables sellers to analyze each listing and check which aspects can be given a boost, such as description, headlines and images. Invaluable for anyone eager to optimize their seller performance, this is a key tool for Amazon traders.

7. Keyword.IO

Keyword IO is a great way to make keywords more effective in Amazon PPC. It can identify long-tail variations of existing keywords and can be used in a variety of languages for greater accessibility.

Moreover, it’s completely free to use, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of it. You can do keyword research on Amazon as well as Bing & Google as shown below.

Using a variety of export options, you can easily and quickly export your research.

8. Keywords Everywhere

As another tool for keyword optimization, KeywordsEverywhere lets you insert data from Amazon, Google, and Bing search. It also gives you access to data that illustrates the value of different keywords in comparison to the competition and search volume, helping users to boost their own approach to keywords. 

With KeywordsEverywhere, you can combine data from eBay, Bing, YouTube, Moz and Google’s own keyword tool – a great way to centralize data from a wide variety of platforms and to boost PPC campaigns on Amazon.

9. Scientific Seller


Scientific Seller is a keyword research tool that helps improve long-tail keywords by finding every possible combination of a term. 

A user can generate thousands of new keywords using Scientific Seller, which is based on the autocomplete API from Amazon. Science Seller is a comprehensive search term list that can be used on all Amazon Marketplaces, however, there are a few key differences. 

Sellers outside of the US market need to pay for full access to the tool while the US market offers it for free. The free version proves useful for keyword research terms and is especially helpful when dealing with niche items that need extra attention – or simply when dealing with keyword burnout.

10. Google Translate

For Amazon PPC, Google Translate is quite helpful, and Clear Ads regularly makes use of it. 

Google Translate’s main use is probably obvious to many people, as it’s one of the company’s most popular free tools. With the ability to translate quickly and easily between a large number of languages, this tool has some lesser-known advantages as well. 

Firstly, the device presents an extension in Google Chrome, the place users can highlight sentences and straight away translate them into a language they understand. From a digital advertising and marketing perspective, this permits the consumer to analyze competitor merchandise throughout worldwide borders – barring wanting to stick to pages which are in a specific native language.

In addition, this device can assist us at Clear Ads to recognize trends, with the aid of figuring out key phrases which are used in foreign places marketplaces.

We no longer suggest that Google Translate is used to optimize listings in any way. We recommend in this instant that a third party professional translation company is consulted to create or adapt titles, product descriptions and key features for products.


All of these tools are amazing in their own right, but there’s nothing like consulting the professionals. Our services are available to anyone who doesn’t have the time to learn or understand all these tools but has a decent inventory and wants to optimize their advertising on Amazon.

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