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DEMEXCO 2019 – Exploring Programmatic Advertising


It’s one of the most important industry exhibitions of the year and DMEXCO 2019 was no different.

The Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference brings together thought leaders and decision makers in digital business, innovation and marketing. It attracts over 40,000 delegates from around the world, almost 1000 exhibitors and more than 700 inspiring speakers, turning Cologne, Germany into the epicentre of digital and tech for a few days each Sept.

Of course, there’s no way the Clear Ads team would miss such an important event on the calendar so we RSVP’d and got ourselves over to Cologne to catch up on all of the latest news, trends, best practices and innovations.

We especially were keen to hone in on developments in programmatic advertising and speak to others in the space to learn more about cutting-edge developments.

We had lots of interesting discussions about programmatic (as well as other aspects of digital and advertising) and what we can expect in the next few months both from the DSP user/owner perspective as well as that of SSP owners and publishers.

If programmatic is a new term for you, it’s a system of advertising that automates the purchase process by dynamically placing ads on apps and around the web.

Day one of DMEXCO saw the Clear Ads team heading to a fascinating session on Programmatic Advertising hosted by Simon Halstead, the Chair of the IAB Programmatic Trading Committee.

The session brought together a panel of industry leaders to explore how the programmatic trading landscape has been evolving across Europe.

The stats above were presented by Daniel Knapp at the same presentation and show the year-on-year revenue growth generated by publishers from programmatic advertising.

This continued growth looks to set to extend into 2020 and really excites us as it’s a clear indication that in future, we’ll see more talent and developers entering into this space.

We expect to see this form of advertising becoming far more sophisticated as the programmatic infrastructure and technology matures, allowing advertisers to be even more precise and focused when it comes to reaching the target audience.

Of course, the agenda was jam-packed throughout the event and we were able to hear from a range of really accomplished experts. Topics up for discussion included everything from the new era of privacy, proof of concept and gaming to retail, marketing in a connected world, the new landscape being navigated by brands and agencies, cyber security, You Tube and even podcasting.

At previous events, we can’t remember hearing mention of Amazon’s DSP advertising program and even at a programmatic event such as DMEXCO, Amazon’s DSP was seldom mentioned.

One of the speakers at DMEXCO was really excited to announce that his DSP can allow you to measure analytic data to analyse engagement. Amazon’s DSP already goes a step further by providing you with the sales data to measure performance.

We envisage Amazon’s Demand Side Platform will play a big role in the programmatic world in the next few years and we plan to get ahead by investing a lot of our resources now. Attending DMEXCO just left the team even more excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

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