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Elite Seller Society 2022


This event was considered one of the better events we have attended this year due to the fascinating and inspirational people in attendance, an absolutely stunning venue and some really great content.

The majority of people at this event were high-end Amazon sellers and this was reflected in the content. This meant that our focus was on education, to improve ourselves for our current sellers, rather than gaining new clients. Most of the sellers either had a PPC team they were happy with or had already used Amazon DSP.

We were encouraged by the quality of the presentations and by learning about the success of other people’s campaigns. We learnt a vast amount from the speakers but it was noted that the ability to connect with high-end sellers was also very valuable as we got to see things from their perspective. The event was on the smaller side, which meant everyone could get to know each other.

Having the opportunity to get to know and learn from high-end speakers and sellers was an excellent networking opportunity. The information we gained will be useful coming away from the event; as it helps us to improve the performance of our own advertising strategies.

The venue was brilliant and added to the overall experience of the event. The evenings round the fire getting to know both seller and speaker was an extremely valuable part of the experience. As romantic as it sounds it was the best part of the event, and made it stand out from others. It helped us get to know other people and made it an enjoyable experience not just educational. These connections and conversations made at the event will be remembered and remain valuable.

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