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Festivus 2022 – The last event of the year!


Festivus was a seasonal event run by Empowery in Sun Valley, Idaho. It presented us with excellent networking opportunities as well as the chance to listen to some world-renowned speakers. It was the little touches that made the event a fun and memorable experience.

Clear Ads was given the exciting opportunity to speak at and sponsor this event alongside others in the industry. It was great to be able to share our experience as an advertising agency with Amazon sellers and share the progress we are making as a company. Most of all, it was great to hear from high-profile speakers such as Kevin King! The speakers were invaluable and gave us important insights into current trends and issues.

The atmosphere created at Festivus was wonderfully Christmassy and helped us feel relaxed, adding an extra layer of enjoyability. It was the small touches like the Christmas tree keepsakes and an area to chat and relax around the fireplace, which enhanced the ambience and made it a memorable and unique event. Festivus perfectly match the aesthetic of the event with the time of year, which took place around Christmas time. Not only that, the general surroundings, with snow-covered mountains, drastically enhanced the experience and gave us the perfect opportunity for some friendly rivalry with snowball fights. So it wasn’t all just work the whole time.

Festivus was a very enjoyable networking event, which presented us with much-appreciated learning sources. For further insight into our experience of the event, please find attached our Festivus vlog, which is on our YouTube channel. This channel also has other interesting event vlogs and information about Amazon DSP.

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