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Scotland Mastermind Event

We are pleased to invite you to our private mastermind 2024

Details of the event

Date: 19th-22nd September 2024

Location: Dunskey Estate, Portpatrick, Stranraer, Scotland, UK

Price: £4,000 per person (this will include your hotel accommodation, breakfast, tea, coffee and lunch)

Who: This event is exclusively for Amazon Sellers doing more than $5MM a year on Amazon.

The Clear Ads team have been fortunate enough to attend many events and speak to a wide range of successful Amazon sellers. We have discovered that large Amazon sellers don’t get the opportunity at these events to connect with sellers on their level and implement what they have learnt.

This event will be 100% tailored for large sellers like yourself who will have the opportunity to implement what they have learned but also share insights of their own with everyone else.

Ready to attend the mastermind?

Please complete the form below to apply for a place.

So make sure you are ready to share your success stories.  Please share as much detail as you can regarding your business’s weaknesses so we can ensure we have the appropriate people on hand to cover that topic.


18th September 2024 – We suggest you arrive on this date or earlier to Glasgow Airport. Once you get to the airport, it is a short train journey to Voco Grand Central hotel. You will need to cover the one night stay yourself. Feel free to go to another hotel if you want something nicer. 

19th September 2024 – 10AM the coach will pick everyone up to take us to the castle. If you miss this coach ride, it will cost around £200 to take a taxi to Dunskey Estate. We extended all of your stay so we can check in early and lunch is also included. This will be very relaxed and allow everyone to get more familiar with the grounds.

20th September –  Event starts + activities.

21st September – 2nd day of event + activities

22nd September – 3rd day of events – managed to persuade them to provide lunch and dinner even though it’s checkout day. Coach will leave at 6pm.We advise getting a hotel room in the Glasgow area and then getting a flight the next day.


Once you get to the castle, we will look after everything. From food, snacks and entertainment. Your job is to just enjoy it all!

The costs you have to cover is:
  • Hotel's before and after the event and if you arrive late or early, transport.
  • If you do order anything to your room, that will be extra and alcohol outside of meals will also not be included.   

Yes! You can stay in one of their lodges before or after the event. If this is possible for you, I would strongly advise you do so as there is so much to do and it's such a relaxing place.

I advise you to let us know as soon as possible. We are having to pay a deposit for this place so the more notice we get, the easier it would be for us to provide you with a full refund. We can only extend the 100% refund to the end of December.

The cost will be the same, the castle can only hold a certain number of people and whoever comes to the estate will be included in all the meals and activities. They have the option of not attending the event.

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