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Sellers Sessions Live 2022


We will certainly be returning to this event, even bigger and better next year, and maybe even with our own speaking slot next time. We are glad to have been able to attend an event with so many amazing sellers, and it was great to see some regular faces as well as new ones. And despite us being experts in advertising even we found some of the speaker sessions both helpful and insightful.

One of the main goals we had when going to this event was to network and we feel that it was positively achieved. Having the opportunity to meet multiple clients in person, face-to-face is an invaluable experience that aids in client communications. With Covid restrictions in place last year we missed meeting everyone. We love meeting potential clients in person as we want you to know who you are working with and trust that we will do our best for your company. And by meeting in person, you get to see and meet us too and see that we really do genuinely care for your brand and products. At the same time, we see who we are working for and you can get to know us as well. It is important to us that we develop these client relationships as they support open communications.

It wasn’t just a time of chatting, we also learned a fair amount from the speakers that we can use in our work. As with any field, it is always helpful to learn from the experts and this is the opportunity we had here. The event helped us to understand things from a different perspective. It will help us to engage with sellers in an empathetic way and helps to ensure we understand the sellers’ perspective. By understanding what problems may arise we can learn, understand and prepare for them in advance; giving our clients greater security in our abilities.

Ultimately, it was a good experience and very beneficial for developing connections. On our return, we hope to take the next step and leave an even greater impact than this year.

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