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What We Did At The First Camp E-Com


Attending and sponsoring Camp E-com 2023 was spontaneous, exciting and worth every moment!

This January we sponsored the first Camp E- com, hosted by Seller Systems. They felt like conferences were missing something so they produced a 2 – day interactive conference; with an active learning environment, and brilliant networking opportunities.

There were two workshops to choose from, so we split up to experience both. One was the Amazon Specialist Interactive Workshop, and the other was the 8-Figure Interactive Workshop.

In the Amazon specialist workshop, we found it very interesting to hear the Speakers. They covered a range of topics from sourcing, to logistics and more. The interactive nature of the conference was the difference between active learning and passive listening.

The 8 figure workshop was an open flow of conversation, learning how to improve your business. This session had attendees filling out a worksheet, which was unusual, but an excellent way to visualise the information. The workshop felt like an interactive classroom and held our attention throughout!

What made the event even more enjoyable was the number of opportunities we had to interact with sellers. The conference was set up in a way that instigated conversations between people.

The seating areas with fire-pits in the centre were a nice touch and added to the atmosphere. The fires made for a beautiful environment after the sun went down as people huddled around them for warmth.

Seller Systems have started something new with Camp E- Com and it will interesting to see what they do next. Perhaps it means we will start to see more interactive conferences in the future.

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