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Why Hire An Amazon Advertising Agency?

Business in 2023 is extremely competitive, especially on Amazon. Advertising on Amazon has become essential to increase the number of buyers and ensure the product is seen by customers. Advertising on Amazon has been proven to increase discoverability, keep in line with the competition and develop sales velocity.  Leveraging the Amazon advertising platform provides businesses with the opportunity to grow, succeed and achieve their business goals. Therefore, Amazon advertising often provides agencies with a powerful platform to run their campaigns effectively. 

The 10 benefits of using an Amazon advertising agency 

  1. Time value savings 

When running your campaign it is important to remember the old saying ‘time is money’. Each business owner should understand the value of their time; hiring an ad agency can alleviate the time spent  developing, running and optimising advertising campaigns, by outsourcing these tasks to experts. Outsourcing is essential for many small to medium-sized businesses, which lack an abundance of staff; meaning the few staff they have will be available to dedicate the time to more important business activities. A successful Amazon advertisement requires time, energy, and thought; you have to create and develop a multitude of campaigns for your ASINs. The key to a successful campaign comes from keyword and product research as well as competitor targeting. This helps to increase the visibility and success of the advertising and is what amazon uses. However, it takes a vast amount of effort and time. Using an agency specializing in this type of advertising saves you all the time and effort you would spend learning how it works. They can then give you knowledgeable advice on how and what to improve based on the well or low-performing areas of the campaign.

  1. In-house expertise 

Hiring an Amazon advertising agency for your business would mean you’re using people who have been trained and specialized in Amazon advertising. You wouldn’t hire a lawyer to fix your plumbing and this is the same idea. In order to have the most successful campaign possible you should hire an expert in the field. You or your small team do not have the knowledge or time to spend on the education and the commitment required for successful Amazon advertising. Like any business the agency is constantly developing their skills and staying up-to-date with their industry. Using someone in-house would not give you the same chance at success unless you are able to specifically hire someone dedicated to this for your team. Amazon advertising is more than merely producing a creative and buying ad space, there are elements of strategy and study required to ensure success. Knowing how to analyze the data from impressions and purchases, and how to adjust the campaign suitably. Naturally, most business owners or small teams do not have the comprehensive understanding or experience in Amazon advertising, which could hinder the performance of a campaign. Meaning, the knowledge of the marketplace and keyword targeting from agencies can be utilized by business; letting the agency do their job, and allowing you to get on with developing your business.

  1. Develop your brand 

Amazon agencies have acquired the skillset to analyze and use the data from their research. This means they can use your business’ audience patterns to place your business in a more effective target market top of the funnel; increasing the reach and awareness of a brand. As opposed to using someone less knowledgeable on Amazon advertising, without knowing the next steps. It is easy to read incoming data; understanding what is selling and what is flunking. However, knowing how to use the data to develop the business and gain a larger new-to-brand audience, comes with experience. Developing your brand and growing your audience is not a small task, many businesses struggle with this area of business development. Therefore, understanding E-commerce trends provides insight into how certain campaigns will react to certain demographics and audiences. This can be used by agencies to successfully develop your brand.

  1. Get an objective view of your business situation 

Human nature can make us truth blind. The effort we put into our own work means we cannot always be objective when looking for our shortcomings; meaning, we believe that what we have done is the best it could possibly be. But, what if it’s not? Asking an agency for help can give the objective perspective required to give your business the extra push it needs; we do the best we can, but not necessarily the best it could be. An unbiased expert will have the knowledge and experience to assess the current performance of the business and have an unglazed perspective on the opportunities for growth. For example, they can judge where you can reduce spending on advertising and get more profit.This is done through gaining an understanding of where representation of the business are lacking and knowing which products to push harder. It requires no connection to a certain product, less ‘i want this to work’ and more ‘this is what works’. Identifying that a business is not reaching its potential is the easy part as there is always more to be done; unlike a new business owner, an expert has experience with what works and when. Using experiences with previous businesses to help them; there is no gatekeeping here, resulting in more efficient success. Time is money and it is time you waste by lacking objectivity. You are required for direction and passion but they are required for growth. 

  1. Keeping yourself relevant and updated 

For your business to remain a success it requires continuous work on relevance. For example, understanding that neon wristbands are no longer an everyday fashion item is important for a fashion business to know. This works for advertising too, understanding the ebbs and flows of advertising is vital for the success of a campaign. An amazon agency spends their work day submerging themselves in all things amazon advertising; they know the trends for their business like you know the trends for yours. As a business owner or employee you are expected to understand your product like the back of your hand to answer any questions etc. This is vital for your role, but understanding the trends in Amazon advertising is likely not in the job description. Using someone who is knowledgeable about these trends saves you the headache of needing to know it yourself. Thus, saving some room in your mind to be the entrepreneur you dream about, as less time is wasted in seminars researching the intricacies of Amazon advertising. These experts have the tools and software at their disposal that enables them to analyze data effectively, and alleviate some of the manual tasks involved with Amazon Advertising. Through using an advertising agency, your business will benefit from utilizing these tools; aiding in achieving company goals, without purchasing or finding them yourself. 

  1. Hiring and training is costly

Hiring a new employee can prove costly in both time and money, especially if you are trying to procure top talent. 

Not only is recruiting a long-winded, timely and expensive task; you are required to pay their salaries and other benefits. Albeit, if you want to go through this it is your own prerogative. You might have a current employee who develops your campaigns; however,  if this was not their original role it is likely they will not be as successful as a trained agency. Additionally, costs for training courses and seminars to learn about amazon advertising properly will add to the company’s outgoings. Not to mention, the requirement to replace their responsibilities whilst they gain the required skills. Their previous role would either need to be rehired or you would require paying them more for the extra work you are asking them to do. Understandably, hiring an external agency to run your campaigns has costs too, but is it too different after the costs mentioned? Economically, unless you can afford to hire someone in house to run your campaigns it appears hiring an agency saves you physical money and time. Pay for the services and know that you are getting what you pay for rather than risking a poor campaign with an unqualified colleague.

  1. Security and prevention in overspending 

Hiring a third party Amazon advertising agency will provide security to your organization. A continual agreement will create a consistently successful campaign; rather than multiple in-house employees trying to implement their ideas onto a campaign. An experienced advertising agency will have the necessary tools and knowledge to monitor the successful campaign; for example, assessing the TACoS and ACoS. Ensuring budgets are being adhered to, will prevent overspending as well as any wasted spend on PPC or DSP campaigns. With knowledge and experience in dealing with various clients’ budgets, agencies implement the best plans for your specific needs. Therefore, maximizing your discoverability and reach, whilst reducing the toll on the budget. 

  1. Stay accountable 

A significant advantage of using an agency is the accountability they have towards your campaign. Every agency will provide their best solutions to retain your business. Their job becomes your advertising and they recognise the responsibility they have to fulfill it. With many roles it comes with recommendations, hindering their reputation by being less would affect their work in the future. They ensure you have consistent feedback on your campaign and communicate what is working and what should be adjusted; ensuring you are involved every step of the way. Staying accountable to you in this way demonstrates that it is your business goals that are being reached, and recognises you are in control of where your business goes. Removing the fear that an external company will not care for the success of your business in the same way.

  1. Improve your knowledge of Amazon 

Amazon advertising is a complex tool, which business owners selling on amazon or advertising on the platform should become accustomed to. Utilizing an agency will provide you with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the various strategies used to achieve your business goals. With consistent reporting and communication, you can ascertain the response of a campaign in your marketplace. A deeper comprehension of how metrics and KPIs affect the performance of a campaign, will provide insight into what works; helping in the future, to run more successful advertising.  

  1. Achieve your targets 

The goal of the majority of businesses is to achieve their targets and become more successful. Despite believing you could do this alone Amazon advertising agencies have already proven that they can improve business performance. This removes the fear of an unsuccessful campaign if you were running it. You have enough stress running a business, leave the hard parts to people who know xy and z. An expert collects the data, analyzes it, optimizes your campaigns and makes detailed reports to display the results to obtain your goals. If certain strategies are not currently working, they will advise and implement changes that will generate better results. Through entrusting an agency with your marketing campaigns, you can focus on business competencies that might be holding you back from success. 

There are multiple benefits to using an agency, with the main reason being to improve campaign performance and results. With a focus on reducing the ACOS, improving discoverability, and organic ranking and in turn leveraging Amazon advertising solutions to increase these metrics and achieve business goals.

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